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Weight Loss Improves Memory

April 21, 2011

A study at Kent State University concludes that "weight loss may improve concentration and overall cognitive ability."  Turns out, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good for us after all.  ;-)

Scientists have known for a while that obesity comes with many problems including increased risk of Alzheimer's disease, stroke, and memory and concentration problems.  This study was done to determine if the opposite is true, that memory and other cognitive skills can be improved by reversing obesity.

It makes sense that a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet teeming with fruits and vegetables, adequate hydration, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep improves brain function.  I think most of us have experienced this.

What's not so easy is to be in the habit of practicing a healthy lifestyle.

I know the owner of a large bond trading company who requires his employees to exercise because it makes them more productive.  He contends they are more alert, make more and better deals, and therefore, make him more money.

I know that my ability to consume information and get things done is dramatically affected by these lifestyle factors.  Not getting enough sleep is probably the biggest factor in my periodic drop in productivity.  If I stay up too late working and become exhausted, I can ruin my productivity for the entire next day.

Even if we can't practice the perfect healthy lifestyle all the time, we can at least endeavor to move in that direction.  If we do, we know that our lives will not only be more productive, but we will be happier and more successful as well.



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