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Sticker Shock!

April 2, 2011

The other night, I was on my way out the door to walk the dog when I bumped into my neighbor.  Nick asked me what I was up to so I told him about the launch of RPS and our efforts to connect with education leaders across the country.

As I explained the nuts and bolts of the science behind RPS, he told me that his grandson had been diagnosed by a doctor with severe motor skill problems that were affecting his reading performance.

Nick told me the treatment for his grandson cost $7,000!

As you know, I have studied just about everything available about ocular motor skills.  I cannot conceive of what could possibly be so different about this $7,000 solution and our $40 solution.

RPS exercises were specifically designed to rehabilitate and improve ocular motor skills to improve reading performance.  How many of us have motor skill problems and don't know it and how many of us have been diagnosed with motor skill problems, but cannot afford $7,000 to fix them?

I can see that time is of the essence to let people know that we have an effective and cost efficient solution for their reading problems.



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